Local Help from Peruvian Children


Three years ago I was encouraged to go on the PAMS mission trip by a coworker stating the experience would change my life so I blindly followed the recommendation and joined the team in 2014.  I was very surprised how the experience immediately impacted the way I view certain aspects in America and the closeness I shared with complete strangers on the team sharing the same goal to help.  Since then, I have been back an additional two times doing anything and everything I can to improve the health of Ayacucho and Tambo citizens while continuing to strengthened old friendships and making new ones.  I have personally made it a mission to incorporate the local children in helping me in the pharmacy trying to show them the importance of helping out their community and hopefully leading them down a path to continue our work when we are not there.  It is a joy to see the yearning in these children to help in any way all while keeping a smile on their faces.  I look forward every year to returning to see these happy faces and continuing to build the foundation for the future that will someday change someone else’s life positively like mine was on the first mission trip.

- Hector Morales