Mission History

Poverty and the lack of basic needs go hand-to-hand in Ayacucho.  The recognition of these needs and the unbreakable altruistic spirits of volunteers gave origin to the Ayacucho Mission.  It was started in 1995 by Dr. Efrain Montesinos, and subsequently directed by Dr. Ralph Kwon for the following nine years.  The Mission to Ayacucho provides medical, dental, educational, and technical assistance to the different demographic groups in the area.  

Although the joint participation of the Regional Ayacucho Hospital provides the Mission with physicians, supporting staff and facilities, the impoverished hospital’s supplies and equipments are very limited.  Without the Mission, patients in the region are held accountable for providing themselves with the cost of medicine, syringes, sterile gloves, sutures, and any other needed supplies, and many have virtually no access to health care

Our Mission accomplishes the following:

  1. Provides medical care to an impoverished population
  2. Provides equipment, materials, and supplies to improve the medical system
  3. Provides psychiatric evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation to the mentally ill population
  4. Provides state of the art medical management to specific high risk patients as diabetics
  5. Provides assistance to local orphanage
  6. Provides dental services (a joint participation with the Peruvian American Dental Association - PADA)
  7. Shares knowledge and organizational skills to allow the transition to a self-supporting regional hospital
  8. Fosters growing appreciation of the kindheartedness of our international volunteers
  9. Fosters love and respect for Peru and Peruvians

Given that running our annual Mission represents steep operating costs, we are looking for donors that can provide us with monetary or medical donations that will help cover these costs.  Donations are deposited in our Endowment Fund and are tax deductible.  We gratefully acknowledge every donation, for your gifts are multiplied by the investment of valuable talent and hard work of hundreds of volunteers over the years.  On behalf of the volunteers of the Mission to Ayacucho, we kindly value any inquiries, questions, and/or desire to volunteer in our Mission, which are greatly appreciated.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information.